Friday, February 14, 2014

The state of the world

The state of the world, that I'm going into now, is slightly more an overview than more specific information about world events and such. The information is so mostly concerning the common matters, which there are also in the news and so on. I mostly get general information about what concerns the entities in the spiritual world about our planet. So I will try to write what this information I channel is like about the state of the world.

First of all the major problems for our planet Earth are destroying of nature and maltreatment of animals. This is what is the most concerning to some extent. Of course I think the human behavior in wars and such isn't acceptable, but the most the spiritual world tells me about the destroying of nature and the maltreatment of animals. This might be due to the scale at which these matters are taking place, which makes it even a bigger issue than any other problem this planet is facing due to humans' activity.

Why the nature and animals are so important? Well I think it's quite obvious, it tells how us humans are acting in relation to living entities, that we have power over, which also are very defenseless to our harmful activity. So it tells to the spiritual world maybe, that due to we are destroying nature so our environment and other living beings living here, at an alarming scale, we might not be very sort of just in our actions. I believe the spiritual world has a lot to do with righteousness and wrongfulness. So our activity is mostly calculated via these terms in the spiritual world, are we just or are we unjust. The best these matters show in how people treat living beings, that are defenseless and who haven't deserved to be treated badly, which perhaps no one has deserved.

Why is this so important, what the spiritual world then thinks of us? Well I try to make a parable about that. What if you were watching an ape in a zoo. Would you get upset, if the ape suddenly turned so mad that the ape destroys everything under his power in the area of the zoo perhaps including some fellow apes? Well I assume no one would like that really, and what do you think the zoo keeper would think of the ape who'd do that? What he would do to that ape, just to keep the other apes safe? I believe humans could fit to the place of an ape in a zoo, when thought the world as the zoo area for the apes, our living environment, and the zoo the system upholding the area for the apes so the spiritual world.

 Well I believe there is always a bigger fish sort of in the sea to eat the smaller fish, in other words, the spiritual realm is filled with possibilities to act in relation to humans behaving harmfully towards their own matters. This I've learned to really be the case, that we are continually been managed by the spiritual world and observed by our behavior in matters we have power over. What I meant with the bigger fish, is that I've been writing on my esoteric websites about the extraterrestrial entities from the early beginning of my channeled writings. These extraterrestrial entities are the bigger fish for us, in case the spiritual world sees it fitting to come to put that ape into another cage or something worse.

So I've learned the state of the world we are experiencing today might become affected dramatically by the extraterrestrial entities, so these entities, which have been reported seen with their spacecrafts in our planet's atmosphere. They can't today do anything more visible, from what I've learned, but they can when the spiritual world gives them the permission. I don't believe it will turn out much of a good matter for our planet's inhabitants. So if the humans of this planet are so unjust towards their own surroundings and the beings living in here, there might be in the future a dramatic change in our possibilities due to these other beings living in our universe, who have also a will, from what I've learned, to come to this planet as more visible.

So the injustice is what the spiritual world observes mostly in us, and it is what the humans of this planet should be cautious of. There are also more practical reasons for the extraterrestrials coming onto this planet, so it might not be possible to be prevented in any case, however the manner in which they'd be entering here is another subject, since there are a lot of different kinds of possibilities how such an event will take place, which depends on how we are observed to be like by these extraterrestrial entities.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spiritual world's functions

This matter is for me daily in my mind. The spiritual world functions today like earlier, all the time, by controlling everything there is. The control is happening in everything, that everywhere there are functions accepted by the system of the spiritual world, since it has everything under its control. It is very unbelievable, how everything is accepted by the spiritual world even the most wrongful matters, but that is what I've learned it to be in everything.

I could start from what I've learned to be the basis of everything. The smallest factors are these neutrinos, that I've learned to be like self-conscious tiny entities, so tiny the physical neutrinos named by science are a million times larger than these tiny entities, which are creating everything there is in spirit entities or in materials, which are actually also spirit entities. So these tiny neutrinos are rotating individually everything and they are intelligent and alive always, they cannot even become destroyed, since they are immortal and unbreakable. There isn't beyond that, according to my knowledge, anything more than these tiny entities. All larger entities consist of these tiny entities as larger compositions, so they can form any kinds of compositions these tiny entities I mean, and they are all the time at work was it anything, since they are the primal factors.

So the control goes from these tiny entities to larger entities. There is lots of control everywhere, since everything is based on a system, which has also humans in the spiritual world guiding matters and also people on this planet Earth are part of the control possibly quite a lot really. The neutrinos at the bottom of the system can control anything, since materials we can: see, touch, feel and work with are like only part of the system and things like materializing objects from the spiritual world aren't impossible to be true according to my knowledge.

This feature of the system of the spiritual world is quite vast in scale, that things in this material world we are living in can be changed, modified, removed and materialized. This happens always without a person himself being aware of it, but it is possible to do such. So people aren't let to see such taking place, but it is possible still. I know this can be unbelievable, but as you know in the Bible for example such has taken place as well, and I believe actually even some humans or animals as well can be brought into this physical world from other dimensions. So this is a big issue when understanding the workings of the spiritual world, what is possible for the spiritual world to accomplish.

I believe the system also guides humans in a continuous activity by using our subconscious to guide us with spirit entities, which can do things in our mind without us noticing much of such control. However the control is going to the roots of our bodies, since biological material is also spiritual so that spirit entities are guiding our every muscle and organ in everything they do to keep us alive. So these spirit entities are always acting in accordance with the will of the spiritual world in the end, which is actually our Creator's own spirit entity, which has accepted everything there is taking place, since this spirit doesn't function against itself, which would be impossible in the end for a spirit entity.

The spiritual world's functions can be observed by using one's own thinking when observing matters, it is possible to notice the spirit realm's working in many things. Channeling ability helps a great deal in noticing the spiritual world's functions on a daily basis. Often the spirit realm wants to inform matters in many ways to people living on this planet, and such can be very visible and noticeable and later one notices it must have been similar to be a very unlikely coincidence, which has taken place in one's life.

So the spirit realm is a big thing and there are many entities controlling our lives as well in the spirit realm. I have noticed these to be all sort of entities, specially angels, demons, and other entities in the spirit realm, which might not ever live with us on this planet, but they guide the functions of our lives from the spirit realm. There are also these specialists in the spirit realm who have a one kind of a job, but also actually everyone has some sort of place in the system. This is so very ordinary how the system of the spirit realm controls everything.