Sunday, March 9, 2014

The extraterrestrial presence

Here we go, I thought to write this post about the extraterrestrial presence, no matter how difficult subject it is to know matters for sure, or should I say impossible. So the extraterrestrial presence is real in my opinion. Our planet is been visited by entities originating from other planets in this galaxy or in other galaxies perhaps as well. These beings use spacecrafts, which have so advanced technologies it's unbelievable in relation to our current state of technology.

The extraterrestrial entities are here for many reasons, they study our living on this planet and try to direct us as well. This mostly is invisible and only rarely there are these ufo sightings observed by the planet's inhabitants, however the extraterrestrials are here and have been here for as long as the history of planet Earth has been going on. The things bordering the extraterrestrials are connected to the spiritual world, since it's the system of the universe, that controls these kinds of matters like extraterrestrial presence on planets. So the spirit realm is keeping us safe from most of the extraterrestrial threat. In other case we would be invaded in an instant, due to there are hostile forces in the outer space, which don't have any good for planet Earth.

So the species of the aliens vary and some are very similar to us in outlook and in other ways like spiritually. Still we are different like every species is a bit different from the other. But some extraterrestrials are so similar to us we wouldn't know it, if we'd see them somewhere. This similarity is due to the spiritual world has created the species and so there are similar entities living in the universe, and so the species become similar in many cases. 

The species are also different from humans at times, but it's difficult to learn from these species, since there isn't an easy way to learn from them. Channeling for example might be prevented by the spiritual world, when one wants to study the species' features by questioning, since it's for some reason protected matter, which one shouldn't know of so much.

Sometime in the future the extraterrestrials might be able to make themselves known to us on this planet in a more visible way, so at some point we might have them here on this planet so that there isn't anymore this ignorance about the extraterrestrials. I don't know when this might take place, but it might not be very far, like within 100 years, is the time period the spiritual world has told me.  

The extraterrestrials are manipulating this planet through the spiritual realm unnoticed, so they are used to bewitching the inhabitants of this planet in a way they want, so that our behavior would be more as the extraterrestrials would like it to be. This happens by channeling, since the extraterrestrials are able to use telepathy or channeling when they are here unnoticed in their spaceships. 

There is a lot of information in the Internet about the extraterrestrials, which is fascinating to me, since the subject is interesting to me. I think the meaning of the extraterrestrials is also for us to know that there are other living beings in this universe in addition to our planet's inhabitants, which gives me a good feeling, when the life becomes more interesting. It's good to know of these possibilities what there might be out there, since it can give also positive things to think about, in addition to more ordinary matters.

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