Sunday, April 27, 2014

The occult history

What I know about the subject of occult history, is that we have been living on this planet during many ages in different kinds of realms, which have been unknown to modern science today. So we as spirit entities have been, as inhabitants of this planet, living many lives or reincarnations in the history of this planet for a very long time, maybe as long as this planet has been existing. This does concern many spirits of humans that are living today on this planet in the realm of today.

What the history teaches today doesn't go very far in how things are known from the past. For example, different written material goes as far back as thousands of years, yet the human history goes even further according to science, yet there haven't remained much evidence about how life has gone in the unknown times, from which only some fragments are found.

So the human history according to what I've learned from my channelings, is that our history is filled with different kinds of realms, like there has been different kinds of realms from ancient times to modern times. But it's so that even in the unknown ages we don't know about, there has been such different kind of activity, which there is also in our known history. This is quite plausible in my opinion, since humans aren't sort of like cave men from their nature, like when humans have existed as long even as science teaches, there must have been much more things going on, than being in a cave and hunting and gathering. This idea is that is taught us, but well I don't believe it.

The reality is that even the prehistoric human species, which were completely different humans, have also lived in societies, cities, nations and they could do many kinds of things, like our human species of today is able to do. So there were in prehistoric times different human species living together, and there were wars and times of peace among them, which is quite plausible again in my opinion.

Mostly I've learned about this matter by channeling and especially by writing down writings from these unknown times for us, with the help from the spiritual world. I think this is quite not so weird, since actually I have been told by the spirit entities, that the stories of modern times, that are written as fantasy and other literature, have actually been written with the help from the spiritual world from real events in history. There can be changes to the original story, but still there is some truth to the fantasy stories in general, since I think nothing new one can't even write as imaginings, but the information always comes from somewhere from the spiritual world, and so stories from our unknown or occult history is gained to be brought into our knowledge on this planet from our earlier lives on this planet.


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