Monday, February 9, 2015

Spiritual work

Spiritual work means to me work that is in accordance with the spiritual world. It can mean also physical work, since everything can have a meaning of the spiritual world for oneself. Spiritual work that is in accordance with the spiritual world means work that is advancing in a more general meaning than just for one's own benefit. With spiritual work one can gain help of the spiritual world for the tasks in one's work. Sometimes work is against the meaning of the spiritual world, so that is work that spiritual world sees as not advancing in a more general way, and the spiritual world might make it more difficult than work that is in accordance with the spiritual world. Although also work in accordance with the spiritual world can be very difficult to achieve, since the spiritual world is very demanding for the humans of the world, even up to impossible. 

There are many examples from work done in our history that is in accordance with the spiritual world. Mostly such work has been connected to giving birth to religions like everyone can suspect. But also for example science has a lot of meaning for the spiritual world, since it can advance the world's humans' lives in a very vast scale, and also in a negative way. So everything that advances matters of this world and the spiritual world, which are connected, is in my opinion work of the spiritual world. Work that advances matters only in the world, well they can be a bit like where one only thinks material matters, without real benefit of the spiritual world. Usually these might be also harming to some other material matter, so that there isn't a real long term benefit to anything. 

Well the spiritual world causes everything that takes place in the world, is how I see it, but that doesn't mean that the humans of the world couldn't influence into the plan of the spiritual world. That is due to that nothing even in the spiritual world is perfect, and for everything there are lots of different ways to achieve matters. Into this matter connects justice and injustice. So that one can choose how one goes forward with matters. For example, to push things forward, the most unjust way  might be the easiest, yet with more difficult way one might achieve the same without as much injustice done along. So there are lots of paths to choose along the way, and the least unjust way is the best according to the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is used to punishing humans from their injustice and there are no exceptions to this. I've learned that every injustice of a human will become punished later on in the lives to come usually and some also after death in the spiritual world. But there are lots of punishments usually in the lives to come from the earlier life of a human. But the matters is also on the contrary same with doing good or doing real advancement so by being just, although it's impossible to be perfectly just. So from everything one does, a human will gain either benefit or punishments in the lives to come. This matter is such, but it is hard to gain information from it on a worldly level. With conclusions and with questionings I've learned that spiritual world is working like this with everything. 

So I could conclude that by being the least unjust with one's own works and life, leads to the work of the spiritual world. Since in everything one can find the least unjust way, which is the way that is the most in accordance with the spiritual world. 

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