Saturday, January 25, 2014

About the Creator

I wanted to go into this topic in this blog and tell my views on the Creator. Well first of all our Creator, the one who has caused the creation of everything that exists in this multiverse, is a similar entity to many originally, so a spirit entity. He wasn't the Creator as his life began sometime so long ago no one knows except this spirit itself or some spirits that are as old or older than him. So he was a similar spirit to many spirits today, that are so young they could have been born today, which is very ordinary, since new spirits are born all the time. So our Creator was this kind of very ordinary spirit at first.

There was however difference in this spirit when compared to many other spirits; he wanted to become a creator an immortal spirit, which will create its own world at some point in it's life, once he had learned and experienced enough to cope with the world. So there was a similar place to our universe world back then when our Creator was born and his surroundings and himself were created with the help from a far older entity another creator of that world, where our Creator began it's existence.

There is so long time from the time when our Creator lived and learned to live in the world of the other creator, that the counting of the time would be impossible to do. So at some point our Creator was ready to make his own world, which really is made from his own functions, so like to become completely separated from the world he was born in and learned all the things necessary to build his own world, which is this world where we live today and have lived far back to the past, so far that no one knows, except some perhaps. Also it may be that the counting of the start of our world would be impossible to calculate. So the Creator built this world from his own functions, or it happened very naturally once he was ready for such to take place.

Everything today consists of our Creator's functions, there might be however still some spirit entities from the worlds of other creators, but everything existing in our world could be said to have formed from our Creator's functions in the end. He so is everything there is known to us on this day.

The Creator, who is everything there is, can live also as a spirit entity where he wishes to, so the spirit entity is like a projection of everything there is and so it is possible for the Creator to live in a human body as well, like is possible for any other entity, so this kind of projections are possible to be made by the spiritual world.

There are today also spirit entities born in this world, who have a similar wish to become a creator of their own world, like our Creator had. So this matter is continually in action, that some spirit entities are wanting to become in their life a creator, which is the most advancing matter for everything. Such spirit entities will some day live in a world built from their own functions like our Creator has done and will live eternally without a doubt. This matter is the most meaningful matter of everything.

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