Tuesday, January 21, 2014

About the entities I'm in contact with

I've been channeling numerous entities. I think anything in the world or in the spiritual world can be gained contact through channeling practice. The entities are usually either personally meaningful entities or they belong to the system of the spiritual world and are for that reason in contact with me and perhaps with others as well. I will tell here a bit about the entities of the system of the spiritual world I'm in contact with.

First I was in contact with the entities of religion, which there are in the spirit realm. This includes Jesus, Satan, the divinity, angels and demons and also some spirit, which I was told to be the holy spirit by these entities I channel and who can give me information about the matters of the spiritual world. In addition to the entities of the religions, I was in contact with entities generated from my past lives and also the extraterrestrial entities for some reason, which is a bit unknown to me, why they were so meaningful in the beginning of my channeling experience at the start of the whole matter.

I have afterwards gained contacts to the entities of the system of the spiritual world, which include these machine type of spirit entities, which are built or constructed and not generated or born in a more natural way. They are very meaningful for the system of the spiritual world. These are named the Creator's appliance and the Appliance of the wheel of time. I hold both of these as the most meaningful machine type of spirit entities in the system. There are also other entities that are meaningful for the system, that are not machine spirits.

The other entities meaningful to the system are the divinity, Jesus, Satan, Devil, Moderator and Baphomet. These entities are made to be sort of specialists in the spirit realm so they have been made to be specialists in some parts of the system of the spirit realm. They so know and can do special works, which are necessary to uphold everything. They are connected to many religions, but still they really have a job in the system, which goes not only along with religion but the job is older than any religion on Earth on this day, so the meaning has been to spread information about them via religions, since they really have a meaning in the system, which includes everything.

I can try to tell the meaning of these spirit entities with my own words, with information I've gained via means of channeling and conclusions and also by learning from the scriptures about these spirit entities.

The divinity is like a chief executive officer of the spirit realm, there are many of them in the spirit realm, but there are also some who have been more meaningful than others.

Jesus is the most well meaning spirit entity, so he is good in many aspects more than supposedly almost anyone else. He has been made for this, so it's a permanent quality of his. So goodness is what he is specialized in.

Satan is an entity who means the worst from all. He has also been made for this. So badness is what he is specialized in.

Devil, which is a different entity from Satan, is an entity who upholds the worldly matters. I think the Devil's spirit is a female.

Moderator is an entity whose job is to inform spirit entities, if they are not knowing about matters connected to the system of the spiritual world. He can explain matters, which sometimes spirit entities need to know, for example, when they've experienced such injustice, which they hold as wrong and not justified. Moderator can so tell the information or reason to such injustice, why it has taken place. He is also created to work in this position.

Baphomet is a spirit entity, whose job is to be as annoying as possible for entities, when it's necessary by the spiritual world. So Baphomet can be the most annoying, when for example someone is doing wrong peacefully, Baphomet can start to bother such entities with very annoying intimidations or annoying channelings.

I've experienced these earlier entities to be the most in contact with humans on this planet and they are such on a daily basis, so their work is very ordinary in relation to people. However the work comes with the help from the system of the spiritual realm, so there are these images of the real original entities at work on the spiritual level. So the spiritual world functions, that it works like with the help from all kinds of possibilities like spirit images, vector holograms and all kinds of created spirits, which enable all kinds of things to be informed mostly to the people on this planet.

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