Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why this blog?

This is my first real blog post to this blog. I'd like to tell I'm not so used to blogging, but I thought to make this blog to see how it will go. Writing is what I like, so I'm just wanting to put my thoughts into words on the paper so to say. In this case on a computer screen, but well we are living this computer age. I've been writing with paper and pen at the early beginning, when I was writing on to the website, but it's a few years since I've been writing so. It was because my channeling didn't work well with computer screen in front of me, but it has evolved beyond that thankfully.

So the blog I'm writing (which I opened, well yesterday), is due to getting intuitively a wish to do something more with the matters I've been doing a few years now. This blog is so put into action, due to getting this inspiration from the spirit realm, and I didn't plan to do such before yesterday, but I often follow these inspirational moments, when I'm pushed to do something I would like. I say like since it's often what I want also myself, when I gain this inspiration to do something more.

This blog is now going to be part of my website projects, which are linked to this blog at the bottom of the page. The idea of this blog is to really, in the manner of blogging, put my own thoughts into words. This differs from the manner that I've been writing down channeled dictations on the esoteric websites, which I've been building during last few years. I intend to write my own thought in this blog and leave the channeled information to their own websites.

There is so much to tell from what I've received with my channeling, that it's unimaginable to put it in short words, and I can tell the content I've managed to gather on earlier mentioned websites is surprising for myself. I've been writing intensively, at times less and at times more than I could ever have thought of. I think I have lots to tell and I hope the ones who have found my writings are pleased with the content at least partly, since I myself find my channelings, perhaps said in a bit self concentrated manner, unimaginable.

I've been receiving all kinds of information also outside my written down dictations, so what I've learned goes beyond what I've managed to gather on my websites. I think this other than dictated information, is learned in a more personal way, so this other information can be more personal and complicated to put it in direct words, but still in the end it has been very good information for myself what I've been receiving.

I intend to write here some information with my own words about these matters connected to the esoteric information I've been receiving and been writing down. Also other, experiences for example, I might include into this blog once it gets going. These are not so uncomfortable, that these experiences couldn't be told publicly like on this blog.

I hope this blog will bring good emotions and perhaps knowledge for the reader about what I've managed to gather from my own personal experience in dealing with the spirit realm and other esoteric matters. The matters are very important for myself, which I've been experiencing, so I hope it will be interesting to read and not a complete waste of one's time, well of course I might have a bad day and write something in an uninterested state of mind, but well don't we all have such days in life.

So the matters will fold as they will and this blog will be on my mind quite some I think in the future, so I hope you'll check in here at times to see what is going on here and perhaps find something useful from the channeled information I've managed to gather on my websites as well. So I'm happy to end my first real blog post and wish everyone a good start for this year.

With respect, Samuli Aalto

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