Monday, January 20, 2014

Basics from my experience, how I see this world

I have been experiencing these spiritual matters, which I'm dealing with today, my whole life to some extent. It has been changing a lot at times how my life goes and these ups and downs I've experienced are today somewhat meaningful, but I tend to live in today and leave the past as it is.

The spiritual awakening although started in the year 2009, when I for the first time started to understand from the spiritual world through a personal experience I had, when I first started to hear spiritual world with my spiritual hearing. It has been now all the time ongoing, that I can listen and talk to the ether of the spiritual world, from there I have also been able to gather the channeled information onto my esoteric websites.

This has been the most meaningful matter of my life to this date perhaps, so I have been listening these transmissions from the spiritual world daily and I can gain answers to my questions from the spiritual world, so it has been quite useful to learn to channel, although it can be annoying at times due to different reasons. Mostly the problems are connected to annoying entities, which there are, but usually it doesn't get too overwhelming with the spirit entities' transmissions.

So this spiritual experience started in a surprising manner for myself and I had actually no before knowledge about that it was going to take place, so I believe the spirit realm works so that it doesn't even inform about such meaningful events, this is at times noticeable from the spirit realm.

The experience I have from channeling is today helping me to deal with all the entities that I'm in contact with. Experience helps so dealing with all sorts of attempts to misguide the life from the spirit realm by such entities, which would like to do such.

About the information I receive

The information I receive is, in addition to personal guidance, connected to common spiritual beliefs like religion and also about history and the future. There are also entities which talk about the state of the world and as a little bit extraordinary information, about the extraterrestrial entities.

It is like listening to a radiophone, the level of the sound I mean. It so doesn't sound as natural as live speaking from a person to person, but it has this metallic or more solid sound to it. So it can be clearly separated from the surrounding noise when such is listened. Sometimes it is also received from subconscious, so at times one can receive such information without really listening to an entity, but the information just comes to mind and can be written down for example.

I will later go deeper into the information I pointed out earlier, so now I'm just telling the main points connected to my experience and the information I receive. The information on my esoteric websites are quite well telling how my world view is. My world view is a lot influenced by these entities of the spirit realm. I believe although only matters that are reasonable, so if I find a matter to not be possible in my perspective of the world, I can't believe it. Still after sometime from receiving such information I might change my mind, since the spiritual realm is good at teaching me in my opinion.

There is so much to tell really, that one blog post isn't enough for covering these matters I have in mind at the moment of writing this, so I will post later more about these matters I've written into this post and also matters I haven't yet gone into.

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